Bra Cup Size Facts

Small AA – A Cups:
Bras in these sizes provide light support. Push up or countour style bras will emphasize the size of your bust. Bras in this size range generally have slim straps and small hook and eye fastenings.

Medium B – C Cups:
Bras of these sizes generally need to offer more support. Their straps are usually made of stretchy or ridgid fabrics.

B cup bras usually offer light, medium and firm support and can be found in wirefree or underwire styles.

C cup bras generally need to offer more support in order to minimize bounce. You can usually choose from medium to firm support in both wire-free and underwire styles. Most C cup bras are made if a supportive fabric with back panels.

Large D Cups:
D cup bras need to offer both comfort and support. You can usuallyfind excellent support and coverage in the fuller figure underwire styles. Cups are structured and fabrics have limited stretch while the straps are thicker and there are more hook and eye fastenings. D cup bras are usally available in wire-free styles but do not offer the same level of support as underwire bras.

Extra Large DD – E Cups:
It is imperative that bras in this size offer maximum support while still being comfortable and functional. Bras of this size usually have strong wide straps which are sometimes padded. They also usually have wide rows of hooks and eyes, ridgid supportive fabrics with wide side and back panels to help minimise bounce. DD & E cup bras are usually available in wire-free and underwire styles.

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