Bra Sizing Tips

Cheack Your Bra Size Annually
It is advised that you check your bra size once or twice a year or as necessary due to any changes that might occur.

Correct Body Band Size
You have the right BODY BAND size if It fits snugly and comfortably around your ribcage, sitting straight around your body, so your breasts are properly supported. Fasten your new bra on the loosest clasp.

Incorrect Body Band Size
You have the wrong BODY BAND size if Your bra tends to ride up at the back. This means it’s too loose around your body and can cause your breasts to slip down beneath the cups. Firstly, try loosening the straps. If it continues to ride up, you should try a smaller size.

Correct Bra Cup Size
You have the right CUP size if Your breasts fill the cup comfortably. The centre of your bra should lie flat against your breastbone and not gape.

Incorrect Bra Cup Size
You have the wrong CUP size when your Breasts are ‘overflowing’ at the top or sides of your bra; if the cups wrinkle at the tip; or the underwire digs in / lifts away from your body. These are all signs that your bra is too small – try one cup size larger. If the cups are wrinkled all over – try one cup smaller.

When Tryin new Bras
When trying on a new bra, always lengthen the straps fully, then fasten the clasp on the loosest setting so when it stretches with wear, you can tighten it accordingly. Next, lean forward and allow your breasts to fall into the cups. These simple steps will help you achieve the perfect fit every time.

In between bra sizes
When you are between sizes, buy the larger size instead of the smaller one.

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